Full Album – Original Music – Songs of Utter Despair, Guilt, Empathy, Lust, Longing, and/or Hope


Dana-Marie Battaglia’s official debut full length album Produced by John MacArthur Ellis


Dana-Marie Battaglia’s original music full length album Produced by John MacArthur Ellis

Track Listing

1. Gotta
2. Simply Let It Be
3. Unfaithed
4. Unkind
5. The Struggle to Forgive
6. Breathe
7. Wish I Could
8. Lost All Meaning
9. Fallen
10. Misunderstood


Released July 11, 2011

Dana-Marie Battaglia: Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, String Composition and Synth Programming
John MacArthur Ellis: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Pedal Steel, Organ, Percussion
Geoff Hicks: Drums
Chris Ochs: Congas

Recorded at Nashcroft Manor, Ashcroft BC
Additional Recording at Dana-Marie’s Home Studio, Squamish BC.
Drums Recorded by Matt Roach and Assisted by Braden Kwasnicia at Vogville Recordings, Port Coquitlam BC
Piano Recorded at St. John the Divine Anglican Church on the HSPAA’s Grand Piano, Squamish BC

Engineered by John MacArthur Ellis
Additional Production and Engineering by Dana-Marie Battaglia
Mixed by Sheldon Zaharko and John MacArthur Ellis at Factory Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Alex DeGrace at Suite Sound Labs

All songs written by Dana-Marie Battaglia
COPYRIGHT 2011 Dana-Marie Battaglia
All songs registered with SOCAN