O Canada!

Dana-Marie has extensive experience performing National Anthems. She accompanies herself on guitar which adds a unique and special quality to her renditions which are consistently described as intimate and beautiful.

Between 2007-2010, Dana-Marie performed the Canadian National Anthem in Whistler Olympic Park on several occasions at official, internationally televised, Provincial, National and International Cups as organized through VANOC and CALOC. She also had the honour of performing the anthem at an Official Paralympic Torch Relay Celebration during the 2010 Paralympic Games.

In addition, she learned and performed the Russian and Switzerland National Anthems (in the languages of Russian and German) for an exhibition game between the Official Olympic Women’s Hockey Teams during the 2010 Olympics. Afterwards, the coach of the Swiss team, Michael Fischer, emailed her in thanks saying “I was almost in tears about that very special moment. We hope that you’re going on to warm the hearts of the people with your beautiful voice!” Other performances mentioned above have been in the presence of several officials and among them she has received commendations from MP John Weston, MLA Joan McIntyre, VANOC managers/coordinators Dan Doyle and John Aarlberg and VANOC CEO John Furlong.

Besides the above Olympic related performances, Dana-Marie also had the honour of singing O Canada at the presentation of keynote speaker David Suzuki at the RFABC conference in 2009, of which there is a video above.

Please send an email to contact@dana-marie.ca if you would like Dana-Marie to perform a National Anthem at your event.