I'm breaking up with myself

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Dear Visitor,

As I've been alluding, this Fall, I will officially be launching my new name, i.e. my new "brand", along with new original music. In the meantime, I have to break up with "Dana-Marie". She is still going to be performing the folk and oldies that you may know and love, but she and I are parting ways and a whole other side of me is going to emerge and go in a completely opposite direction. 

So with this in mind, I'm announcing a final concert for my local fans, and I have a very important question for all members of this newsletter.  Please see below.



This concert at the Brackendale Art Gallery will be the last time I perform the music from my debut album in this setting. You'll still see me around as "Dana-Marie" doing my folk/oldies, but as for intimate and emotive concert experiences, this will be the last. My new music is not acoustic so even under my new name, it will be a long time before I take the stage in this fashion again. If you’re local (Vancouver, Sea to Sky, etc), I really hope you will come out to the show to celebrate with me!

I'll be accompanied by the producer of my album John MacArthur Ellis who is an award winning multi-instrumentalist and producer. He's produced many celebrated Canadian folk artists such as Barney Bentall, Jane Sibbery, the Be Good Tanyas, Jeremy Fisher and many more, and he currently tours with several notable bands including Juno Award winning country band Doc Walker.

When: Saturday June 27th - Show starts at 8pm
(Come as early as you want, have some food and wine, check out some artwork, and get settled in.)
Where: The Brackendale Art Gallery, 41950 Government Rd. Brackendale B.C (the north end of Squamish).
Tickets: $20 in advance at the BAG or Xoco or at the door.
There is a really great band on after me as well so I look forward to hanging with you after my set!

PS- If you come to my show, you'll be among the first to out a REALLY BIG secret.


Oh I'm just kidding, you can still be friends with 'both' of us but I’d like to get an idea of my current fan base of original music vs my oldies/folk enthusiasts.

Can you please quickly write me back and answer this easy multiple-choice question?

Which best describes you:

  1. I heard you in concert as you performed your original music. You captivated me, ripped my heart out and gently sewed it back in. I promptly bought your CD of original music. I loved it and can’t wait to hear what you do next and find out what this new persona is all about.

  2. I heard you at a farmer’s market, community event, or private/corporate party. You were singing oldies/folk and I loved your material. I bought your CD of original music and I loved that too. I love hearing from you and want to be kept in the loop no matter what you do.

  3. I heard you at a farmer’s market, community event, or private/corporate party. You were singing oldies/folk and I loved your material. I bought your CD of original music but it just wasn’t for me. I’m mostly interested in being notified of when you release an Oldies/Folk Cover Album or when I can catch you performing this type of music live.

  4. I found your original music online and loved it.  I have never heard your oldies/folk covers.

  5. Other… if none of the above describes you, please tell me how we met or why you’re on this newsletter, and what type of music you’re into.

Thanks!  I'll use your response to determine how to cater future correspondence with you.



Stick around, and I promise you'll be among the first to know my new name and hear my mysterious new music...



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