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Dear Visitor,

Has it seriously been two years since I wrote to you last?  Wowza.  Did you miss me?  I sure missed you!

I think you'll be glad to know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but rather that I took my hiatus quite seriously.  I've been writing and recording up a storm while working on my 'inner self' (as hippie as that might sound...)  I speak from the heart when I say I am truly not the same person I was two years ago.

I'm now gearing up to launch my new brand and image in the fall, along with the first few tunes off my next album!  In the meantime, I'm coming out of the woodwork to do a few final performances while still known to you as "Dana-Marie".  I sincerely hope you'll come out to see me and hear me play some of your old favourites.  I'd really love to catch up with you as well.  Details below!

ps- Write me back, let me know how you're doing!!!

next show: singer-songwriter circle

Event: Takin' Turns
When: Wednesday March 25, 2015 at 7:45pm
Where: The Grind Cafe (back room) - 4124 Main St, Vancouver.
Admission: By Donation

Myself and two other talented singers will take turns performing songs for you on a stage in the quiet back room of The Grind Cafe.  This event fosters an intimate listening environment so the artists can express themselves to the fullest and the audience can truly lose themselves in the music.  I have thoroughly enjoyed attending this event in the past and I'm sure you will love it as well. It's quite special.  For More Info: Visit Facebook Event Page - Join for updates and reminders!

I'm excited to note that takin' turns with me on stage that evening will be Actress/Songstress Beverly Elliot who plays Little Red Riding Hood's Granny on ABC's Once Upon A Time!  I've seen her solo act before and it is highly, highly entertaining.  I'm thrilled to be performing along side her, it will prove to be a very dynamic evening for sure.


I'm officially immortalized

My song about Squamish, BC "The Changing Valley", which won the $1000 Grand Prize in the Wild At Art Songwriting Competition in 2009, was included in the time capsule that the District of Squamish buried on December 16, 2014!

I re-recorded a new version of The Changing Valley specially for the time capsule.  If you're jonesing for a new beautiful song of mine to add to your playlist, please do Download it from my online store.  For $.99 you can put a huge smile on my face AND you get a new song.  What a deal!


Upcoming Shows

Event: Takin' Turns
When: Wednesday March 25, 2015 at 7:45pm
Where: The Grind Cafe (back room) - 4124 Main St, Vancouver.
Admission: By Donation

Event: Songwriter Cafe
When: Saturday May 2nd, 2015
Where: Tsawwassen, BC
Details coming soon!

keep in touch!

Join me on Facbeook!.  I post all my intimate and ridiculous thoughts and feelings there.  I love being able to interact and stay in touch with you people so please come and visit! facebook.com/danamariemusic





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