Guess who's on her way to Europe!

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Dear Visitor,

I know, I know, I miss you too.  But you know, I'm out here living my life, and it's amazing.  Spending the winter composing and arranging, watching Star Trek TNG, eating Whole Food's carrot cake, playing with kittens... what could be better?  Oh, I know!  Planning a trip to Europe!  See below :)


Jeffery Straker Encore Tour

Jeffery and I are at it again! We're heading to the island next week!  Click here to check out the Show Dates page for details.  I absolutely LOVE singing with Jeffery.  Seldom do I ever have so much fun on stage.

Jeffery 101: "Singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker tours 100+ shows a year across Canada, has recorded for CBC Radio’s Canada Live, and has had a top 10 music video on Much More Music. He recently performed his sold-out orchestral debut with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, played the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and took his folk-pop-cabaret music on tour in Africa in Feb 2012. He’s performed at national showcase events including Canadian Music Week & JunoFest with Canadian Musician Magazine saying “Very much an artist to watch”. Jeffery has completed his next recording slated for release September 2012. For the project he performed on Glenn Gould’s famed grand piano at the CBC studios in Toronto, and worked with Danny Michel as producer. Check out Jeffrey Straker at: &"

Europe Bound

Yes indeed, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Italy and France, here I come!  You may not catch me on stage but you will catch me behind and in front of a camera lens.  I'll be shooting a music video and plan to one day dazzle you with sentimental footage of cross cultural humanity in its most simple yet beautiful moments  - all with my moving score tempting you to tears underneath, of course.

Amidst all the toil, I'm sure I'll find *some* time for fun, so to all my many European friendly fans, please write me and let me know where you are and if you'd like to meet!  I'll be passing through in May & June.

Happy Belated Easter :)

Things You'd know about me already if you liked my facebook page

  • I sometimes sleep in bath tubs
  • I love kittens
  • I love Star Trek, The Next Generation
  • I want to marry Captain Picard even though he's like 80 now
  • I consider grapefruit and apples to be the best hangover breakfast
  • I love Jim Cuddy's voice
  • I'm the Easter Bunny
  • I'm a vampire
  • I like to move my furniture around at 2am
  • I despise unhealthy fast food places that try to pass themselves off as healthy
  • I'm obsessed with dark rainy days
  • I'm obsessed with kittens
  • I was once an introspective 10 year old
  • I like to hike to clear my mind
  • I like to play April Fools pranks
  • I look like my mom
  • I cry when I see crowds enjoying beautiful music
  • I like the opera, but I'm not too keen on Mozart
  • I can make my own hummus
  • I can play electric guitar with my nose
  • I once sang a duet with Patrick Watson's dad at the Vogue Theatre
  • Did I mention I like kittens?

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