Performing Live at The Railway Club Sun Oct. 14

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Dear Visitor,

I'm baaaaaaaaack!  Well, not really, but I do plan to emerge briefly to give you a very rare and unique show - a serenade of my charming folk/oldies act on the wonderful stage at The Railway Club!

This newsletter is usually catered to those who are fans of my original music, as that is obviously the center of my passion and my career, but I feel like I should occasionally cultivate my other lovely act - especially for those who haven't had the chance to hear it again since the first they saw me.  So for those of you who have been emailing me and/or longing to hear my folk/oldies on a real stage, this night is for you! Details below!

And, hey!  How was your summer?!  Write me back and let me know!  Mine was fantabulous.  I spent almost every single day working on my tan in the afternoon and my music compositions at night.  Details on the music below!



Come to the Railway Club Sunday October 14 at 8pm for an intimate night of wonderful music!  First up is a duo of myself and the incredible John Macarthur Ellis (the producer of my first album).  I'll be singing those classic oldies/folk melodies as well as a few favourite originals and John will do a couple of his own beautiful tunes for you as well.  We'll be followed by Saskatchewan piano man sensation Jeffery Michael Straker (accompanied by a local guitarist and yours truly on background vocals).  Jeffery is a truly vibrant entertainer.  All his shows are filled with a great deal of heart, soul and laughs.  Click here for more details on this critically acclaimed cabaret/pop/folk star.

Tickets are $8 advanced (click here to buy advanced tix online) or $10 at the door.  More details on the right side of this newsletter.

This is the only stage show in Vancouver I'll be doing for a very long time, so I really hope you can make it!


Jeffery and I are also returning to Victoria on Saturday Sept 13 for another wonderful house concert!  I'll be doing a sweet little opener and Jeffery will follow (with me on background vocals, of course!).  Details on the right side of this newsletter.


It occurred to me that it's rather fitting that I'm returning to the Railway Club, the same venue where I had my farewell show before embarking on my creative hiatus.
But, with that said, I should be clear, I'm actually still on my creative hiatus.

Part of the reason why I've decided to do the folk/oldies act at this upcoming show is that I'm no where near ready to do any of my new material on stage, nor am I quite willing to do the majority of my old music either.  The songs from the album represent a time in my life that is now quite simply, my past.  I need to move on, and I hope you're excited to move on with me.

What my songs look like to me - all those blue dots are musical notes!
The music I've been working on lately is quite distinct from my first album.  I've been really pushing my boundaries and experimenting with the 'art' inside me.  I experienced several days this summer where I was glued to my computer screen for 10 straight hours composing lines and lines of strings, piano, woodwind, bass and intriguing synth.  The sound is not quite so far out and funky as I thought it might turn out, but rather it's more stimulating, image evoking, and enveloping.  I hope that is descriptive enough to give you an idea.  All I really know is that I'm feeling good about it, and I look forward to sharing it with you.


People often send me pictures that they took of me while I was performing, here's a couple ones from my recent fun times at the summer farmer's markets and community festivals. Got a pic you took of me?  Reply to this email to send it in!

Above - Left to Right:
Aug. 12 - Copper & Fire at Britannia Mining Museum - Photo submitted
Sept. 22  - Whistler Farmer's Market - Photo by Joern Rohde
Aug. 25 - Kerrisdale Under the Clock - Photo by William Luk

Above: Sept. 22 - Whistler Farmers Market - Photo by Dkenz Yap


How was your summer? Mine was amazing!  This is my sister Sheila and I relaxing at my aunt and uncle's cottage in Colburne, Ontario.

New Video
Watch Now!

Wanna see me Twist & Shout?  This summer I wasn't only working on my tan and my music, but my dance moves too!  Believe it or not, I participated in a Flash Mob with Vancouver Improv Anywhere! It was so much fun, check it out in my latest Vlog. 

Ps- That old vlog of me getting my hair cut has now exceeded 35,000 views!

Upcoming Shows

The Railway Club
Sunday Oct 14, 8pm
Admission: $8 Advanced / $10 at the door
Address: 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC

House Concert - Merlin's Sun Home Theatre
Sat. Oct 13, 8pm
Admission: $15
Address: 1983 Fairfield Rd. Victoria, BC
Contact for tickets:


Undeniably, unrelated, but look how cute these kittens are!  For the last 2 months my mom and I have been fostering them for the Vancouver Orphaned Kittens Rescue Assoc.  If you know anyone who's looking to adopt a kitten, email me back and let me know asap! Oh, and this isn't totally unrelated, as I should note, I did in fact teach two of them how to play the violin and piano.  Halfastache (middle right) however, taught himself the standup bass by ear. Whatta good kitty.  If you'd like to support VOKRA, click here to vote for them in their latest fundraising endeavour. :) Meow!  (That's catspeak for thanks)



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