One final Show this week before my Creative Hiatus

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Dear Visitor,

My my, it has been a busy month!  I've done about 12 shows in the last 6 weeks!  And did you know that my VLOG about my haircut got 1000 hits the first day?!  Thanks for watching it and passing it around!  Actually, in the past 3 weeks it's had 8439 views... I find that really funny but what's even funnier is the fact that I've apparently earned $6.75 from the Youtube ads.  LOL.  Awesome. I'm going to be soooo rich from my new career as a vlogger...

Anyway, here's my latest exciting news!



If you've been meaning to catch my show for a while, this Thursday is the day to do it for 3 really good reasons: 

This is a rather blurry picture of me performing at the Railway Club in 2009. It was my favourite show that whole year.
1. The Railway Club is a wonderful, intimate venue and draws a really attentive audience.  Quiet, introspective rooms like this really pull the best performance out of entertainers... myself undoubtedly included.  I'm really looking forward to another show like this where I can truly zone in to the music while connecting to my audience.

2. I'm bringing a second piano so I can play for you some songs from my album that you are not used to hearing live!

3.  It will be the last time you will be able to see my trio for a very long time, and perhaps even the last time you will hear us like this.  See below to know what I mean.

Hopefully this is enough to entice you to come out with your friends, and if so, here are the details: Free Admission, Thursday June 28, 6:30-8:30 (2 other acts), The Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver.  The showcases end at 8:30, so there's lots of time to hangout and enjoy the city afterward!  Hope to see you there!


Indeed, it is time.  I mentioned to you recently that I've been writing again but since that day, I haven't actually had time to work on anything else.  What I've realized is that it's just not possible to do it all at once. Writing and performing require two very different mind sets and to do either effectively, I really need to sacrifice one for the other from time to time.  And now is that time.  

So this Thursday will be my last show with my trio for at least a few months, maybe longer.  In the meantime I'll be working on my next album and learning new software that I'll begin incorporating into my new live show.  I'm going to start using a laptop on stage so that I can actually perform live the same orchestral synth sounds that I record/compose with.  It's very exciting but will also be a lot of work to learn and perfect!  It's going to really change the overall sound of our band in a very beautiful and fulfilling way and I really look forward to sharing this with you when I return to the stage. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress in my next newsletter.  Wish me luck in the meantime! :)



Me, Mike Meroniuk and Jeffery Straker at the Libra Room.  Such a fun night!

The lovely Pascal and I.  She's the adorably sweet daughter of Mia, our house concert hostess in Victoria.

What would you say if I planned to start incorporating fancy pants wearing bears into my new act?

This is Jeffery and I bantering away at the Parksville House Concert.  I gotta tell you I really enjoyed performing with him.  We had such great chemistry on stage and so many people told us we sounded like we'd been playing together for 10 years!  Click here to find out more about Jeffery Straker!

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