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Dear Visitor,

Greetings from Williams Lake! 

What am I doing here, you ask?  Well... remember that pesky incident last year when my car got impounded for 'excessive speed' while I was on tour?  Well last night I drove up here so I could go to court this morning to try to get the charge lowered to a regular ticket.  Did I win, you ask?  Hmmmm... you'll have to go to my Facebook Page right now to find out!  And/or you can wait a bit until I post a new 'Adventures of Dana-Marie' Youtube Vlog in which I'll tell you ALL about it.

Anyway, I wrote this newsletter up last weekend but didn't get to send it because I was wildly preparing for court and I left on a whim.  So here it is now!  Btw, did you miss me?  I know it's been a couple months since I've written, but I have a good excuse - I've been hiding out and writing music!  I've got lots of shows coming up too and I hope to see you there (details are in the lower right of this newsletter).  In the meantime, here's my latest news! 

ps- How have YOU been?  Whatcha up to?


This coming Thursday May 17th at Trees Organic Coffeehouse on Granville, the producer of my album, John Ellis will host an acoustic evening featuring a couple artists he has worked with including yours truly!  For the first time ever, John and I will play some live acoustic versions of the songs from my album.  It will also be the first time since releasing the album that I've played without my trio, and with John for that matter, so it's sure to be a very unique show.  You should definitely come out for it if you can!

Yay, I'm writing Again

Did you know that my album was about 5 years in the making?  What that really means is that I went through a heavy experimental phase in which I spent years learning to compose electronically using software in my computer.  During that time I composed and synthesized all the instruments that you hear on the album such as strings, woodwind, random percussion, and synth sounds. 

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's an old vlog I made while working on the album with my producer in his studio up in Ashcroft, BC.
Then I worked with my producer over the course of 2 years and he added the electric guitar and bass parts and worked his magic with EQ and mixing while I continued to perfect the sounds of the synthesized string parts.  So even though my album was just released last year, it's actually been almost 4 years since I've really had time to focus on new material.  That's a LONG TIME! 

Now that the album is all behind me, I'm finding on my computer all kinds of bits and pieces of concepts that I started over the years and I'm starting to build them up with synthetic orchestra, just like I did before. 

My "sound" is changing a bit though, I hope that's okay with you!  I'm not quite sure how to define it but I feel like coining the phrase 'electro-orchestral' for some reason.  I created this one piece recently that was really zen and, well, slightly sexy.  Then I did another one that had a really rich and full groove underneath a rather hypnotic vocal track.  I know you're probably like "what the heck does that even mean???" so I guess I could say I *think* it's kinda like a 'Moby meets Portishead' vibe.  Can you dig it?  Or maybe I should just play you a sample eh? Okay, you've twisted my arm, I'll share some with you... but I have to prepare it first, so you can expect something in about a week.


Next week on Tuesday May 22, I'll be returning to the Melodies in Mind Radio Show hosted by Ryan Fletcher on CJSF 90.1  I've been working a some new material with my trio and this will be your chance for a sneak peak!  You can tune in at 90.1 FM in Vancouver or listen online at The show goes from 8-10pm.  We'll be one of three guests and we'll all play songs 'in the round' so if you don't hear us right away, just stay tuned.  Here's a clip from the last time I played on the show!

Watch Now!

My producer was out for a bike ride and discovered this talented duo with perfect pitch in Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada. Knowing my love for Canadian Geese and great music, he promptly took this video and emailed it to me. It was obvious to me right away that they were doing a cover of Feist's "My Moon My Man" so I was inspired to make this video. I was thrilled to discover that Canadian Geese have great taste in Canadian music and I'm eager to share this with you on their behalf.

Upcoming Shows

Trees Organic Coffeehouse - Granville
THURSDAY MAY 17, 8pm-10pm
Admission: By Donation
450 Granville St. Vancouver, BC
Acoustic set with producer John Ellis
Melodies in Mind
CJSF 90.1 FM - Radio Show at SFU
TUESDAY MAY 22, 8pm-10pm
With her cellist and keys player in tow, Dana-Marie returns to the Melodies in Mind show hosted by Ryan Fletcher.

The Yard Cafe
MONDAY MAY 28, 9pm-12am
No Cover
Presented By Vancouver City Limits
8482 Granville, Vancouver, BC
Dana-Marie Battaglia with her Trio and other acts.  Stay tuned for complete lineup.

Tuesday Night Music Club at The Cellar
TUESDAY MAY 29, 8pm-10:30pm
$8 door / $6 Advanced (email me for tix)
1006 Granville St. Vancouver, BC
Dana-Marie and her trio will perform a 15 minute feature for the TNMC crowd and a row of industry panelists.
Trees Organic Coffeehouse - Gas Town
By Donation
321 Water Street, Vancouver, BC
Dana-Marie Battaglia with her Trio and other acts.  Stay tuned for complete lineup.
The Railway Club
THURSDAY JUNE 28, 6:30-830pm
No Cover
579 Dunsmuir Street
, Vancouver, BC
Presented by PuddleCity Arts, Dana-Marie and her trio perform a set in the early evening intimate setting of The Railway Club. Stay tuned for full lineup.


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