Lots of chances to catch Dana-Marie live!

Dana-Marie has lots of shows coming up!  Starting on Thursday May 17th at Trees Organic Coffeehouse on Granville, Producer John Ellis will host an evening featuring a handful of the artists he has worked with including your very own Dana-Marie. For the first time since releasing her album, Dana-Marie will play live with her producer to perform some of the haunting soundscapes that the two recorded in studio.  On May 22, her trio will rejoin her on the Melodies in Mind Radio Show hosted by Ryan Fletcher on CJSF 90.1.  The following week on May 28th,  they'll play a full set at the Yard Cafe in Marpole and a quick 15 minute feature the following day during Tuesday Night Music Club at The Cellar on Granville.  On June 16th, the trio will play at Trees Coffeehouse in Gas Town - a brand new location for music showcases.  Click here to be taken to the show dates page for full details.