Lost All Meaning - Music Video

Footage recording during a live performance at the Snoring Sasquatch in Creston, BC
July 24, 2011

The Struggle to Forgive - Music Video

The official music video for "The Struggle to Forgive".  Produced and Directed by Phill Bartlett.

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Little Girl:
Vanessa Evancic
Street Kid/Bully:
Sean Mathieson
Male Customer:
Bladen Wong
Female Customer:
Rami Kahlon

Comments from Dana-Marie:

The video tells a story of two kids struggling in their own way to carry on.  I sympathize with both of them as each seek compassion and yearn to understand why people act as they do.  "The Struggle to Forgive" does not offer any answers, it's simply my outcry from witnessing so much maliciousness and corruption in the world.  The song and video are about wishing for the courage to resist being pulled in to the game, and the strength to triumph over it with grace, understanding and love.

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