A Divided “Dana-Marie”

For many years “Dana-Marie” was divided as an artist: 50% charming Folk & Oldies entertainer and 50% Electro-Orchestral-Folk-Rock composer/singer-songwriter.

As it became increasingly difficult to promote both styles of music under the same name, in 2015, Dana-Marie “broke up with herself” and rebranded her Electro-Orchestral music. All music in that genre is now released under a mystical new name. Please contact Dana-Marie if you would like to know how to find her new music.

This website now caters exclusively to the “Dana-Marie” who continues to delight audiences with the charming, toe tapping grooves of her loving “Foldies Act”.

Here, she leaves behind the more upbeat tunes from her 2011 album: Gotta, Simply Let It Be, Breathe and Wish I Could.   Her “Foldies Album” is currently in production and features her unique renditions of oldies and folk tunes that you have come to know and love.

Stay tuned for release dates!